introduction to photography
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This series is designed for teens and adults looking to gain a better understanding of their DSLR camera and its technical functions. Equally important, students will also explore the history of photography and its application in the realm of the fine arts. Through participation in various hands-on projects, students will gain a familiarity with their camera that will enable them to create their own works beyond these lessons.

Content covered in the Introduction to Photography course include:

- history of photography
- shutter, aperture, ISO
- still life photography
- white balance, histograms
- photography in the 21st century
- manipulating light
- post-processing

$165 - Introduction to Photography (four, 90-minute lessons)

$235 - Introduction to Photography (four, 90-minute lessons including the rental of all required materials)

Students are required to bring a DSLR camera to each lesson. Students who do not own a DSLR camera may rent all required materials (DSLR camera, lens, SD card, and tripod) for an additional fee.

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